Woodworm eradication & more...

Woodworm and other wood-boring insects not only cause damage to furniture and floors but more worringly to your building's structural integrity.

One reason why these insects can be so dangerous is because you're unlikely to see them, and only discover you have an issue once some damage has been done. Therefore as soon as you spot something suspicious, it's important to give us a call.

Our fully trained and experienced surveyor will correctly determine whether you have a woodworm problem and whether treatment is necessary. The wrong identification of an insect can often lead to costly and unnecessary solutions.

The White Rock woodworm treatment techniques are clean and simple. We start by identifying the woodworm species and whether the woodworm infestation is still active. We then test the structure of timber to determine whether the timber needs replacing or not and determine what woodworm treatment is best for your property. If You suspect you have a woodworm problem, please contact us to arrange your survey.


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