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Our accreditations are more than just memberships. They're your safeguard to ensure our excellence and reliability at what we do. Awarded to only the most prestigous and meticulous contractors, these badges below speak volumes about what you can expect when calling on White Rock Property Care. Do you know of a remedial company more qualified? We don't.

PCA Member Logo

Property Care Association

Homeowners looking for a professional tradesperson to carry out building preservation work and invasive weed control are now able to add another level of reassurance under a new guarantee scheme launched by the PCA.

The PCA Promise is a new type of warranty which covers timber treatment and damp-proofing works, as well as structural waterproofing, and remedial wall ties. It covers contracts placed with PCA members for;

  • Damp proofing
  • Timber preservation
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Structural maintenance
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The British Structural Waterproofing Association (BSWA)

Extreme care should be taken in appointing the right professionals to specify and undertake the work, as any problems arising can have serious consequences. Ninety nine percent accuracy in most skilled trades would be considered an excellent standard whereas in structural waterproofing it could constitute total failure! In this vital area of construction, technical products are all too often specified by people without the requisite knowledge and experience, and applied by untrained labourers with little knowledge of the exact requirements, resulting in failure.

Established in 1992, the British Structural Waterproofing Association is a trade association dedicated to raising levels of professionalism in structural waterproofing. Its members, who have passed rigorous checks to be approved for membership, include international product manufacturers, independent consultants and trained, assessed specialist contractors. To avoid dealing with inexperienced and untrained structural waterproofers, a BSWA member should be sought.

Delta Logo

DELTA Registered Installer

DELTA® Systems are installed by a Nationwide network of specialist contractors who are holders of “Registered Installers” Certificates.

Although DELTA® Systems are by comparison, easy to install, it must be recognized that the correct diagnosis of the problem is essential so that DELTA® Systems can be designed and tailored to the needs of the building, to give the best possible performance. It is therefore recommended that only competent specialist contractors, who understand dampness, and the associated problems, be employed to survey the site, install the system and thereby ensure the best possible performance of the system.

White Rock surveyors hold the industries regognised qualification CSSW (Certificated Survey In Structural Waterproofing) and all our basement waterproofing systems are installed to BS8102 2009

Product Guarantee

Delta membrane systems can come with a thirty year product guarantee as long as it is installed by one of delta,s registered installers. The guarantee covers the membrane and ancillary components. Based on experience, accelerated ageing tests and a quality manufacturing system to ISO 9001, the DELTA® range can also be guaranteed with confidence.

White Rock can also provide installation guarantees, which can be further supported by GPI insurance cover if required. The period of guarantee offered is normally up to 10 years and there is a small premium required for this facility.

Wall Tie Federation Logo


The Wall Tie Installers Federation is the representative trade organisation for registered installers of remedial and replacement wall ties and related services in the UK.

Most registered installers also offer the ancillary services of lateral restraints and bed-joint reinforcement all carried out in conformity with the recommendations of the Building Research Establishment. The WTIF have a guarantee insurance bonding scheme, covering cavity wall tie work, which is only available to members.

The Federation is nationally recognised as the accepted reference point for professional bodies and private individuals seeking information or guidance on these subjects.

The Wall Tie Installers' Federation can help in two ways: with the selection of a Registered Installer to inspect and, if required, to do this work and with an insured Warranty on the completed work so that if it is necessary to sell the house in the future the Warranty can be offered to the purchaser to whom the Federation will upon request transfer the unexpired term of the Warranty.

Registered Installers are experienced in the diagnosis and remedial treatment of wall ties and any ancillary work required.

If you are considering a house-purchase, a wall tie survey by a Registered Installer should certainly be included in your preliminary investigations before making an offer. In some areas it will be required as a precondition of a mortgage being offered on a property.

Trustmark Logo


Perhaps the most prized, recognised and respected building accrediatoin in the UK, we are proud to be a fully approved Trustmark contractor. If a firm displays the TrustMark logo you know the firm have been approved and inspected through one of the scheme operators who found that it met all required Government endorsed criteria, including offering insurance-backed guarantees, passing on-site inspections, clean trading and financial records and full building code compliance.

Sovereign Logo

Sovereign Protection Scheme

For your peace of mind, all our damp proofing and timber treatment work comes complete with an insurance backed guarantee through Sovereign. The Sovereign Protection Scheme Guarantees is offered by remedial contractors who have been vetted by Sovereign. Only when Sovereign are satisfied that contractors are capable of carrying out work to a consistently high standard do they allow contractors to apply to become Sovereign Approved Contractors. Regular site visits ensure that standards of workmanship and customer care are maintained.

Nuaire Logo

Nuaire Approved

As of 2010, installation engineers must be trained and registered to test and commission ventilation systems on new build homes. They are expected to provide ‘right-first-time’ installations so that commissioning is easy and occupants can be confident that their ventilation systems will perform efficiently. The Nuaire logo ensures we are fully trained to the industry standard in the areas of airflow requirements and calculations, health and safety, design, installation, inspection, testing, commissioning and the provision of information.

Chas Logo

CHAS Accredited

CHAS is a highly-cherished accreditation within the UK trade industry. A CHAS compliant supplier meets acceptable standards of health and safety as approved by a team of qualified assessors.


CSRT Qualified

The CSRT is a nationally recognised professional qualification for remedial surveyors. By qualifying, candidates display an in-depth knowldge and ailibity in damp and timber remedia practices and have also passed a rigorous Legal, Health & Safety examination.


CSSW Qualified

The CSSW is a nationally recognised professional qualification for individuals involved in diagnosing problems with water entering structures below ground level and who recommend design solutions. To achieve the qualification, candidates are required to display an in-depth knowledge and ability of current practices by passing both the CSSW exam and a Legal and Health and Safety exam.


SAFE Contractor

SAFECONTRACTOR is the fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK. By being a SAFE contractor, we show we are dedicated to promoting higher standards of competence and compliance through the provision of our services.

GPI Protection Scheme

Guaranteed Protection Insurance (GPI)

GPI specialise in the provision of insurance backed guarantees, which is an insurance product specifically designed to protect consumers in the future if faults arise in the works and the original contractor has ceased to trade.

FMB Logo

Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

The FMB is the UK's largest trade association in the building industry, and companies are uniquely placed in the construction market to deliver the highest quality and best value to clients. The FMB is a source of knowledge, professional advice and support for its members, who it accepts based on only the mosy stringent of application criteria.

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